So how does the equine service work?

I am offering this service to those who are going away either for a few days or a few weeks.
I come to where your horse/s are kept so either at your own stables or at there livery yard.
Either once a day or twice a day, depending on what needs doing.

  I am offering the following:

Mucking out, feeding, brushing and hoof care, rug changes, turn out and bringing in,exercising ( either ridden or working the horse on the lunge or pre schooling)

Price of this service depends on location, amount of horses and what is needed to be done.


Are you struggling with exercsing your horse/s, maybe i can be of some assistants, i can come during the day and take your horse for some exercise, either a hack out or some schooling work, either on the flat or over small jump, i can also offer to lunge or pre school if needed.

Please feel free to give me a call and i would be delighted to talk to you about this new exciting service.