So how does dog walking work? 

I offer 2 walks through out the day, morning and afternoon.  

I will come to your house and collect the dog(s) and they will then be transported in my van to the walking area.  The van is fully kitted out so the dogs are safe and comfortable, so no worries there!

Each walk is 1 hour long and with other dogs, but no more than 6 dogs in a group. Each dog is accessed and then put in the group that will suit it best.

Your dog(s) may have one walk a day or more if required and will either be kept on, or let off the lead according to your preference.

The walks will always include fields / woods / countryside.

Whilst walking I play with all of the the dogs and do basic training with them so they understand what my rules are i.e. sit, wait, stay and recall. All the dogs will get plenty of attention and plenty of doggy company. I always pay special attention to the behaviour of all the dogs, and will always report back to you with any concerns.


At the end of the every walk each dog will be cleaned down, offered water and, once safely back in the van, given a healthy treat.

Every dog will need to have up to date vaccinations and a collar with the owners details on.

All breeds considered



For one walk £10.00

Second dog from the same household £5.00

Bathing and grooming also available, so please don't hesitate to ask.