Are you looking for a new activity to do?
Have you a new puppy and feel a bit lost?
Need some help with your dog training?....then look no further I am here to help!

I offer day time 1 on 1 training in the following:

Life skills
Puppy training

I do this on a 1 on 1 basis so this means you get the maximum out of your dog training, we can do weekly/monthly training its all up to you!

My passion is teaching dogs and helping owners/handlers get the most out of there training, weather it is something new to you or you need help on certain areas, the world of dog training is always developing and evolving

All my training is done on a positive reward base and its professional and most of all FUN !

I have an agility venue and for the other training we train at different locations depending on what your needs are. 

Please do get in touch as I'm eager to help and teach and be there for you and your pooch!

Call or Text 07881424343
Facebook too!